UK Businesses Lacking Road Safety Policies

July 18, 2017

More than a fifth of companies in the UK with fleets don’t have road safety policies in place. New research by Tom Tom has revealed that 21% of companies don’t have a defined policy that’s accessible to all staff who drive for a living. Some senior managers at the 400 businesses surveyed even admitted they’re unsure if there’s a policy in place or not.

60% of respondents admitted their staff members had been involved in road traffic accidents while on business duty, with many claiming this resulted in lost productivity due to injury or time off work.

“Businesses should also be aware that a proactive approach to road safety can deliver further business benefits.”

Safeguarding Drivers

Beverly Wise, director at Tom Tom, warned companies that if they don’t have a policy for fleet drivers then they could be leaving themselves open to health and safety breaches.

She commented: “Driving is one of the most high-risk activities the majority of workers will conduct as part of their job, but is too often overlooked when it comes to workplace health and safety.

“A best-practice approach is necessary if companies are to effectively safeguard staff and reduce their risk exposure. If the appropriate action is not taken, they could even leave themselves open to prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act or Corporate Manslaughter legislation should employees be killed or seriously injured.”

Fleet Driver Training

Training was another issue highlighted in the survey with only 57% of companies providing driving training to their staff. It also found that 38% of those offering training only provide it once every six months or less.

Mrs Wise added: “Businesses should also be aware that a proactive approach to road safety can deliver further business benefits. By employing technology to monitor driver behaviour and providing drivers with live feedback, supported by targeted coaching and training, it’s possible to reduce fuel spend, cut insurance premiums and boost productivity.”

Just over half of all businesses provide drivers with technology and aids, including cameras and satellite navigation to help them drive more safely.