Behind the Scenes

November 2, 2018

Our transport department make sure that all vehicles are delivered on time, whether it’s a minibus going to a school or a PTS ambulance going to a care home.  We caught up with Stephen White, our transport manager, to find out what it’s like to run the busy department.

Hi Stephen, how long have you been working with the company?

I’ve been working for the company for two years now.  I started as a transport co-ordinator assistant and worked my way to transport manager.

So, what does a normal day look like in transport?

It’s is fast-paced and a demanding role for our drivers and office the teams.  The drivers leave late at night to deliver vehicles from our head office in Glasgow, travelling often as far as London and back as their typical route.  We deliver on average 30 vehicles a day all over the country.

We’ve also invested in a new transporter to support our international growth. We have weekly journey’s booked for cars going to Europe, with the next trip scheduled to Bordeaux in France.

We organise hundreds of vehicles to be delivered on a weekly basis.  How do you ensure customers are kept happy with the service provided?

It’s my job to ensure that the vehicles are on-time and that my team are giving great customer service. The customer service department follow up with every customer after every job to ensure 10/10 service has been given.  We have a team of highly trained drivers that carry out their work very well.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

The biggest challenge can be recruitment as it’s a very demanding job which isn’t for everyone. The team we have are very driven and work tirelessly travelling to and from their destinations but it’s very rewarding after completing a week’s work and knowing that customer’s who really need these vehicles are able to get out and about.

And finally, what do you enjoy most in your role?

I like the people I work with. It’s a great department with a good workforce that allows us to enjoy the work that we do.