FlexiLite™ Review to Improve Production Processes

December 10, 2019

Allied Fleet recently completed a review of the FlexiLite™ minibus to improve our build times and processes. Led by our technical support team, the project took two months and highlighted several small changes that have had a big impact since implementation.

Our production and engineering teams have now made some minor alterations to the FlexiLite™ minibuses including material changes and new time-saving processes. We’ve also developed new cutting tools to work with that will improve accuracy and consistency.

Review Process

Our review team started by stripping back the vehicle and looking at the build process, which was done in five stages. By going back to the original drawings and making subtle changes they were able to reduce this to four stages which saves hours on the build time.

Production engineer, Lewis Peters, who worked on the FlexiLite™ review commented: We’ve moved some processes off the production line to make things faster and better for the team that actually build the vehicle. Material for the roof lining, flooring and wiring harnesses are now prepared before the vehicle goes into production which saves around four hours on the build time.

Environmentally Conscious

Another important factor was to investigate the environmental impact of building 10 FlexiLites™ per week. Following the review we were also able to remove 10 tubes of solvent based sealer from the build process.

Lewis added: “We need to be conscious of the environment and remove as much solvent from the vehicle as possible. Some of the glues previously used in the FlexiLite build were solvent based so we’ve now moved to water-based products. We tested different solutions and were able to identify better and more environmentally friendly adhesives.

“Projects like this can be daunting but once you finish and see build quality increase, build time decrease and very happy customers, you know you’ve done a good job.”