North East Ambulance Service Recruitment

January 27, 2020

At Allied Fleet, we understand the importance of Ambulance trusts and private sector ambulance providers across the UK. Their activities keep our health services moving and they demand a variety of skills and infrastructure to address differing contract requirements.

We offer a spectrum of non-emergency ambulance vehicles, to enable them to support diverse user needs while keeping operating costs down.

100 New Paramedics Wanted at NEAS

The Management team from North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) is expecting to smash their target in recruiting 100 new paramedics this year! Keen to improve their performance and statistics they have targets to grow the number of paramedics in their service by the end of this financial year.

Mark Cotton, assistant director of communications for NEAS said “We had a number of targets and achievements that we had to meet. First of all, recruitment, if we’re going to get 100 new paramedics into the organisation, we need to recruit them.”

Good Relationships with Local Universities

The Ambulance Service has good relationships with the local universities which be of great benefit during this recruitment drive. Mark explained: “We now have a very good relationship with the local universities and working with them, so we have that flow through of paramedics. The plan is to be overstaffed by about five paramedics by the end of the financial year.”

Local councillors have admired the recruitment drive and their desire to work with the universities.

Five-Year Plan

As well as people recruitment they also have plans to have 38 more emergency ambulances. To do this, they plan to reduce the numbers of both rapid response cars and intermediate-tier vehicles.

NEAS bosses described how they are halfway through a five-year plan that is set to give them over £10 million of additional funding across the term.

A Representative from Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Councillor Lynn Hall, said: “I’m delighted with your new recruitment and I’m even more delighted that you’re actually still developing your workforce to suit the needs of what’s needed now.”

Non-Emergency Ambulances

Allied Fleet is fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of flexible, special purpose vehicles for ambulance service providers. Our market-leading wheelchair accessible cars, people carriers and wheelchair accessible minibuses enable fleet operators to choose the optimum size of vehicle to meet specific contract expectations.

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