East of England Ambulance Trust Launches Life-Saving Initiative

July 30, 2019

Off-duty medics can now respond to nearby life-threatening calls thanks to a new initiative from East of England Ambulance NHS Trust and GoodSAM.

A mobile app has been set up to alert responders to situations in their area so they can help with treatment as soon as possible. When someone has a cardiac arrest, performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and using a defibrillator offers the best chance of survival for the patient.

The initiative doesn’t replace the current system of responding to emergency situations and ambulances will still be despatched in the usual way. However, off-duty staff will assist the patient while they wait for the ambulance to arrive on scene.

GoodSAM App

The GoodSAM app is regularly used by ambulance services and patient transport providers in London, the East Midlands and Wales to alert staff and trained responders to life threatening emergencies. It’s also the most advanced alerting and dispatching system available and is used widely across the globe.

How it works

When EEAST’s control room receives a 999 call to a cardiac arrest the app alerts the three nearest GoodSAM responders. Any nearby responder who accepts the alert will be given directions to the scene of the emergency. The message will also advise them to the location of the nearest defibrillator.

Seconds count

EEAST responds to an average of 26 cardiac arrests every day across the region and this app has potential to save lives. A representative from EEAST commented: “Seconds really do count when someone is in cardiac arrest and starting CPR as quickly as possible is essential. GoodSAM will play a really important role in helping to start that chain of survival.”

Any community first responders working with EEAST who are interested in signing up can visit www.goodsamapp.org.