Ryedale Community Transport Awarded £78,000 For New Vehicles

October 30, 2018

Staff at Ryedale Community Transport are thrilled after receiving £78,000 to help purchase three new vehicles. Ryedale Community Transport is a charity based in Norton that provides essential transport to those who have limited mobility or those who live remotely in the area. The outstanding donation was given by the Garfield Weston Foundation after being impressed with the charity’s’ innovative services. The charity exceeds in their services going the extra mile to help those due to disability, lack of mobility and for residents who don’t have transport access or an affordable alternative to travel.

Charity Goes Above & Beyond

The £78,000 will allow the charity to buy three new fully accessible vehicles to help those most in need in and around the Ryedale area.

Ken Gill, chief officer of Ryedale Community Transport, commented: “What a fantastic opportunity this is for us to improve our existing services and kick-start our Access All Areas project with these vehicles. Providing accessible, affordable transport positively impacts on people’s lives by decreasing loneliness, reducing social isolation and provides valuable access to all types of services.

“We also work closely with many other local charities and community groups to provide accessible transport for their clients, so they can attend social activities.”

The £78,000 is part of an £11 million fund going to 150 charities across the UK. This fund was doubled by the Garfield Weston trustees following an overwhelming demand from small community charities across the country.

Rise In Community Involvement

Philippa Charles, Director of The Garfield Weston Foundation, said: “What really impressed our trustees is the amount of volunteering and community involvement that’s going on across the UK.”

The foundation conducted a recent survey which found that two-thirds of small charities expect their income to stay the same or decline this year. Yet, over half expect to be delivering more services.

Philippa added: “We heard about so many amazing projects involving local people who are helping their communities thrive – this is despite cuts, Brexit debates and other challenges. Yet we can also see the level of need that exists in our local communities.”