Police Prison

Specialist vehicles are playing an increasing role in the work of our security services.

Police forces, for example, are turning to mobile incident units to facilitate rapid response and effective management on-scene. Similarly mobile interview stations can offer a faster and more efficient means of addressing and diffusing late night disturbances in town and city centres.

Another dimension to Allied’s specialist adaptation services in this area is community surveillance. Mobile camera units are becoming valuable assets for community safety partnerships, event commanders and major incident control, both in terms of gathering evidence and providing deterrence.

Prison officers face the additional challenge of providing secure transport which also complies with the demands of the Equality Act. This can mean ensuring that accessible transport options are available within the overall fleet. To address this issue, Allied is able to offer vehicles which combine wheelchair access with secure rear compartments. What’s more, our vehicles are equally suited to providing transport for able-bodied passengers, meaning fleet operators suffer no loss in overall utilisation.

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