Our seating adaptations provide the highest level of safety and comfort. We offer a number of different types of seating in our vehicles to meet your fleet requirements.

Removable Seats

Your vehicle can be fitted with removable seats, located in safety-tested floor tracks. This makes for maximum flexibility, with interchangeability between seating and wheelchair stances when you need it.

Tip & Turn

Tip and turn seats give you flexibility to deploy additional passenger seats or create necessary wheelchair space, as and when required. Our tip and turn seats meet the highest safety standards and have an integrated three point seat belt. With a 180 degree rotating base, tip and turn seats can be fitted on standard or tracked flooring to give you optimum flexibility.

Child Seats

Customers working with small children may require specialist child safety, for which we are able to offer a number of innovative solutions. Child seats can be fitted as in the standard manner or to the back of a seat, facing an attendant seated in the row behind.

Conference Seating

If you require a mobile office, incident unit or meeting room then conference seating may be a excellent option. Facing seating can transform a vehicle into a room where meetings can be held in comfort and safety. Depending on the make and model of vehicle, conference seating can be augmented with a table, display screen or other specialised features.

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats are ideal in assisting passengers with reduced mobility to access your vehicle. The seat rotates to face out of the vehicle during entry or exit, then swivels back into the vehicle, ready for travel. With a variety of safety certified models available, there are plenty of options to suit your specific fleet needs.

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