We have developed a range of storage solutions to meet the various needs of fleet clients. Whether you need a standard storage unit for wheelchair restraints or a bespoke solution for specialised equipment, we can help with your requirements.

Storage & Security Boxes

Storage boxes are securely fitted in the vehicle to meet your specifications. Popular uses include tidy storage of wheelchair restraints or medical equipment and supplies. We also fit security boxes that will allow items to be locked in a secure compartment, which is essential when carrying prescription drugs. Storage units can be customised to suit individual needs.

Oxygen Cylinders

We can supply oxygen cylinders with your vehicle and have developed a secure unit for transportation. Oxygen is stored in the rear of the vehicle and is kept well ventilated and secure.

Wheelchair Brackets

Flexibility is key for many fleet operators. In some cases, health and social care providers need to carry a wheelchair for use with some customers, while being able to store this out of the way when not required. Our unique QuickLock™ wheelchair bracket enables drivers to clamp a folded wheelchair at the side of their vehicle. Secure and easy to use, QuickLock™ has proved a big hit with drivers and operators juggling between wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers on a daily basis.

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