Stockdale Disability Charity Devastated Over Stolen Minibus

March 13, 2019

A disability charity is upset and angry as news came that their minibus has been stolen.

The 14-seat Ford Transit minibus was stolen in Stockdale’s charity centre with no leads yet to its whereabouts.

Stockdale’s charity cares for people with learning disabilities including both children and adults.

Lifeline Service

The valuable service operates residential and community services to over 200 people helping to increase social skills.

Chief Executive at Stockdales, Emma Morris, said:  “We were heartbroken to find our minibus had been stolen.

“We just can’t believe that anyone would take this invaluable vehicle and deprive disabled people from getting out and about.”

The minibus worth £44,000 was bought in 2012 thanks to a fundraising campaign.

Specially adapted, Ms Morris explains the importance of the services that the minibus provides to the community and those with disabilities.

Vital Accessibility

The service allows its users more variety with access to the outdoors and can safely secure wheelchair users in and out the minibus on each journey.

Ms Morris said:  “Promoting independence is at the heart of what Stockdales does and the theft of our bus has made things really difficult.

“Our minibuses take people out near and far, to and from our activity sessions, for days out and holidays away.

“They’re an essential part of helping people with disabilities live life to the full.  We have particularly special memories of this minibus as we lovingly decorated it ready to take some of our service users to their prom one year.”

Fundraising Appeal

The charity has asked the public for help with support in fundraising, to buy a new minibus and carry on their vital services.

Ms Morris adds: “Whilst we’re outraged at what has happened, everyone has pulled together in true Stockdales spirit to make sure our services aren’t impacted too much in the short term.  So, we’re doing the best for now.”

To donate and help fund a new minibus for Stockdale visit: